Community Impact Grants

O U R  G R A N T  P R O C E S S

River Valley United Way's Community Impact Grants support nonprofits located in Pope, Johnson, and Yell Counties in Arkansas. 

We provide grants through a competitive proposal process to impactful organizations addressing our community’s interconnected challenges in our three Focus Areas of Education, Stability, and Health & Well-being. All grant applications are assessed through a community-led review process in which dedicated volunteers evaluate and identify the local collaborations and approaches that can create a lasting transformation. If this sounds like your work, we encourage you to learn more below.

We aim to clearly communicate each aspect of the Community Investment Application process and, ultimately, to encourage organizations doing outstanding work in Education, Stability, Health & Well-being to apply for funding. If you have questions or need more information, please contact our office.


Steps to Success Framework

River Valley United Way is looking to fund programs that align with our three Focus Areas of Education, Stability, and Health & Well-Being. The Arkansas River Valley region's problems are immense, and they need comprehensive solutions. United Way is looking for collaborative solutions that can make an impact today and build in the years to come. 

Our Community Investment Funds are driven by our Steps to Success model, which illustrates nine key milestones on the path to success. There is no one solution to solve the challenges every individual and household in our community faces. Our framework highlights the greatest ways organizations can comprehensively provide the best next steps for a person’s whole life: from birth to childhood to adulthood and beyond

H O W  T O  A P P L Y

Attend a training session - training session attendance is mandatory for all applicants. Organizations must send at least one representative to one training session. Choose the date & time that works best for your organization. You will receive the registration links via email. (This is not an automated email if you saw the confirmation of your submission, then we have it and will be in touch).

Complete your application - The online application will be available August 1, 2023, and must be submitted before 11:55 pm on August 31, 2023.

Host a site visit - The program site visit period is September to November 1st. All applicant organizations may request a site visit. The Community Investment Team may request site visits even if the organization did not request one.

Promote United Way! - All applicant organizations are encouraged to promote our annual fundraising campaign. Current grantees are required to promote the annual fundraising campaign and their partnership with RVUW. The only way we can award more grants is to raise more community support!

I M P O R T A N T  D A T E S

  • June 2023 - Grant Workshops. Workshop attendance is required as part of the application process. 
  • July 2022 - Application Available online
  • August 31st - Application Deadline
  • September & October - Site Visit Period
  • September through December - United Way annual fundraising campaign
  • January 2024 - Grant award notifications

The deadline to submit the 2024 application is Thursday, August 31st, at 11:55 p.m. Late submissions are not accepted.


All prospective applicants MUST send a representative to ONE workshop to be eligible to apply for funding.

5/06/23 to 6/22/23      Online Registration via the form below

6/6/23 Workshop at 12pm - Registration closes 6/4 @ 5pm

6/26/23 Workshop at 11am - Registration closes 6/22 @ 5pm

6/27/23 Workshop at 9am - Registration closes 6/26 @ 5pm

AFTER 6/22/23, workshop registration is available by calling our office at 479-698-5089.